Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Firstly, THANK YOU. I really appreciate your kind comments and supportive emails. It’s hard not to feel a little dorky. =)

The garden is at rest this week. My house is getting fumigated for termites. Fun! Wrinkles is visiting his second family. Rocky has been at the pet motel/hospital since Tuesday morning and is being neutered today. Sniff sniff. And I am commuting from Ontario, CA because H is taking a very important exam. Fingers crossed.

So, what’s a vegan in the IE eat? Beside the massive sack lunch I packed for the week I visited Veggie Era in Upland and picked up freakishly good vegan food. More on this later!

Rocky managed to sit still for exactly one second. Get behind me Satan. This is as close as Wrinkles will get to him.

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Joan said...

H is not taking a legal exam, is he? If so, good luck! It sucks, no lie!