Saturday, May 16, 2009

We've Moved!

Hi guys! It's true; I've traded this old dig for a swankier pad. Victory Home & Garden has paved the way for Anarchy in the Garden™-an amalgamation of micro urban farming, boot kicking punk rock, with a hard dose of DIY.

There are bugs in the new garden but regularly scheduled blogging will resume as I work out the kinks. In addition to customary homesteading content there are several exciting tidbits to share. Including a second more focused and rockin' podcast, an article contribution to a local zine and a new feature for a rad weekly.

Thank you to Haythem, Creative Director/Owner of DUB Magazine, for taking time from his busy schedule to design my new little blog.

A very special thank you to everyone that has followed this blog. Please update your links and I hope you will follow me to the dark side.

VH&G never die!

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j*em said...

Hi, im sitting here in jury duty flipping thru god knows what mag and i saw ur pic. I realize this is crazy but i got on my phones browser because i had to say hi. Ok, im done. Bye!