Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Interdietary Bliss

I can’t remember which new age-y spiritual guru once said, “You have no right to interfere in someone else’s learning process.” That statement confirmed that I could continue to promote my vegan beliefs without imposing them on anyone, even my omnivore husband.

However with that said not only has H drastically reduced his consumption of animal products but he has also expanded his palette to include many vegan options. That makes him more rad!

Onto the eats. In his younger years the husband worked at a pizza parlor. Now I benefit from his pizza making abilities. Two very different pizzas sit side by side in harmony. The right side (touché)is vegan.

Sitting atop homemade pizza dough is Veganaise (the secret to creamy pizza according to the Whole Foods pizza lady), Follow Your Heart mozzarella cheese alternative, mustard greens sautéed with shallots, onions Rossa Lunga di Firenze, and homemade spicy Italian vegetarian sausages.

Mustard greens and onions are from my garden and speaking of garden veggies, the green zebra tomato bounty of ’08 continues to be enjoyed. Lettuce and mesclun pictured also from my garden; salad perfection.

Out of the oven and ready to be devoured.

The mustard greens tasted a lot like kale chips. I see a lot of crispy chippy mustard greens™ in my future. I think I’ll add this recipe to my Vegan Victory Garden Cookbook. ™


chuck b. said...

I am intrigued by the vegan sausage recipe. I'm not a vegetarian but my husband is. I'm very veg-friendly tho'--more so than he is, in fact. Finding healthy vegetarian fare for him turns out to be a challenge. If it was up to him we'd just eat spaghetti every night.

Do you prepare the sausage just like the lady in the video at the link does?

Adriana said...

Indeed I do prepare the sausages just like Julie!

Spaghetti is so good though!