Thursday, January 29, 2009

Shade Happens

Who knew you could grow vegetables in the shade? I’m sure you fellow gardening friends knew but it never occurred to me. Never. I have a narrow ick spot between the side of the house and the space where we park a car that is always shaded. It’s been screaming for an update.

A search on mother Google yielded a plethora of possibilities. An article on In the Garden Online was especially helpful. The article mentions 10 crops that are suitable for shade and I happened to have some of those crops hanging around.

Y voila! I forgot to take a before picture but frankly it was ugly looking and who wants to see that side of me?

I transplanted Cauliflower-Purple of Sicily, Cabbage-Copenhagen Market, Lettuce-Container Garden Babies, Chard, and Parsley. Ah, chard, my arch nemesis. I have 5 different types of chard seeds. I think this is Rainbow Chard or it could be Bright Lights. Who knows and who cares because after about a year of trying I was finally able to grow it! My neighborhood BFF "just throws the seeds out" she says and gets enough bounty to feed the block. I on the other hand only produced three seedlings. What the pickles?

How cute is this lettuce? I mean c’mon it’s called Garden Babies. I haven’t tried it yet but it’s doing well in the new shady vegetable patch.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this post, I didn't know those would grow in shade. I have this perfect spot that gets about 3-4 hours moring light than shade. I'll try some stuff in it next summer.

Thanks again

P.S. I love how you arranged the veggies among your other items. Really cute :)

kathy said...

"shade happens"! I love it. I constantly am figuring out, trial and error, what does best in my sideyard garden, which gets shadier by the year. Best for me: beans, kale, tomatoes, peas, and some lettuce in the spring. I have sun about noon to 5 pm.