Thursday, January 8, 2009

Worlds Are Colliding

And you thought your vegetables were vegan all along. I came across Vegan Mix while I was flipping through one of my many seed catalogs. The box reads "Great for people who do not want any animal by-products in their growing medium." Um, yuk and I don't know any people that do unless you're Monsanto.

I sow cover crops and feed my veggies Sea Magic Organic Seaweed Growth Activator so I don't really have a need for Vegan Mix. Yet I am tempted to order it but discouraged by the additional shipping cost. Actually I'm discouraged to order from seed sites that base their shipping rates on the purchase amount. I can easily spend $100.00 on seeds, seriously, I've done it. So if I spend a $100.00 on seeds why must I pay $18.29 on shipping? A better rate should be offered to those that spend insane amounts of money on seeds!

If you're Long Beach, CA (or surrounding areas) folk and find this locally please let me know!


Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

I would think you can find it locally, I bought it here in San Francisco!

Fern said...

I think they're revering to animal manure, right?

Fern said...

Although I know some fertilizers contain blood meal.

Adriana said...

I'm into manure because we all have to poop... You're right about the blood meal... And bone meal too!

Joan said...

Oh man, I remember this dilemma. Yeah, most organic mixes use blood meal and bone meal. I've only used alfalfa meal and some kelp meal for so long, I forgot about the other stuff out there.

I've read that organic farmers use blood meal, where size matters, like with peaches or whatnot. This encourages me to grow my own wherever possible.