Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Ode To My Chef Knife

Lately it’s the simple things that stoke me out and my New West KnifeWorks Chef 8 knife is really doing it for me. Until now, I’ve never owned any fancy cutlery. Instead I own a whole block of knives. The obligatory set purchased when you move into your first apartment; scissors included.

My block o’knives do serious damage on my homegrown tomatoes. Chiffonade? Forget about it. A more adult blade was needed. Enter New West KnifeWorks Chef 8. It’s not just any shiv. It’s functional and chic; a work of art.

Description from website: These knives were designed for the professional chef. For that reason, we selected a special high-carbon stainless Japanese steel for their construction. The steel has 70% more carbon than a German Wusthof Trident. This blade will take on the finest, sharpest edge of any chef knife you have ever owned. Your best cooking deserves the best chef knife.

Sold! I quickly ordered one with a “Mountain Iris” colored handle. There are 10 handle colors to choose from and it retails for $149.00. It’s first task, slicing and dicing tomatoes, like butter. More:

If you’re in the market for a rad new knife I highly recommend a New West KnifeWorks knife.


rekeyed said...

You should write a zine. zines are punk.

Jen said...

Hi I think your blog is great. I'm Jen. If you ever want to trade seeds I am so down. I live in Florida and Im pretty sure we have different growing seasons so it would be great to trade. I'm growing heirloom and packaged seeds and would even be willing to find you some rare beauties. I am addicted to gardening.

I cant believe your dog eats strawberries!