Thursday, April 16, 2009

Drink Your Beets!

While watering the vegs this morning I thinned out a few beets. It is important to thin beets because beets are a dried fruit with 1-5 seeds in each fruit. Thinning is très important. If several seedlings emerge from one fruit in the same spot quickly yank out the weakest link and thin to 1 seedling per 1”. After 3-4 weeks thin to 3-5 inches apart.

Or you can soil block your beets like I do and transplant your seedling 3-5 inches apart from the get go. You’ll still have to sacrifice a beet like described above but you’ll only thin your seedlings once instead of twice.

Here’s kind-of- a-meal from the garden. I skipped the usual lemon water this morning and instead went straight for a smoothie. The beet thinnings are from my garden. The kumquats were scored through the food exchange and the vanilla almond milk is homemade. Here’s a short “video.”

Disclaimer: Punk rock will be heard.


christina said...

love the video.

when is your podcast happening?? i have questions...little creatures are starting to eat some of my leaves & i don't know what to do about organic pest control?!?

Fern @ Life on the Balcony said...

Great video Adriana! I love it!!

Erick Lux said...

Brilliant! Perfect song choice considering the circumstance. (sorry to hear about that)

I have a recipe for beets and vegan German sausage. I usually play a Ramones song while making it.

(Beet on the Brat) (yeah, that's the wurst joke ever)

My Funny Little Frog said...

Great Video!! And yum- Beets! I have a friend who says roasting them kicks ass. God, I wonder how I am going to fit one more thing into the garden! I think it is time to convice my husband to rip out the driveway and build some raised beds.

Gramps said...

That was hilarious. Next time, how about a recipe for earwig smoothies (not vegan, I know). Those suckers annihilated my kale seedlings.

Joan said...

Thanks for the post! I love beets.

I actually grow my beets all close together for the first couple of weeks and then when I transplant, I give them about 3 inches all around. As they get bigger, I pick the fastest growing ones first and let the other ones grow. I love how beets can be transplanted, not like carrots.

Also, since the golden ones have iffy germination, this works pretty good for them.

Judita said...

I love the video! and the smoothie looks delish!