Wednesday, April 15, 2009

“I Don’t Need Anyone!” – Dead Boys

In the last 24 hours I’ve been riding the rollercoaster of shock and delirium with a big dose of bawling. I was crossing my fingers and hoping I would remain unscathed by the economic meltdown. After all I’m an accountant for an engineering firm that’s going after stimulus money. Silly me. Yesterday I officially became a statistic.

I’ve never experienced a lay off before. It’s weird. I didn’t get much or any sleep last night. My thoughts ranged from joy to being able to dye and cut my hair any way I please to finding innovative ways to further simplify my life to mortgage payment terror.

My husband is a rock. I keep asking him if he’s worried and he doesn’t seem to be. He’s helping me contain my hysteria. He reminds me that I’m not one to feel or act like a victim. He reminds me that I’m a tiger and I am because I’m a Leo. For him I am eternally grateful to his mother.

I draw inspiration from my friends that call this a blessing in disguise. My feelings towards several aspects of my employment were clear. I often referred to where I worked as the soul sucking OC. No offense dude but you are. Don’t get me wrong, I am quite fond of my ex-boss and the accounting group I belonged to but the rest I could do without.

So here’s to a new chapter in my life. I’ve compiled a list of things I look forward to:

1. Anarchy in the Kitchen™ - Recession Cooking from the Garden. If you’re not familiar with Depression Cooking with Clara or Joe Lamp'l and his Twenty-five Dollar Victory Garden then get acquainted. I plan to produce similar albeit lower quality videos. The goal is to cook as many meals from the garden as I can. Whatever I’m not growing I’ll hopefully be able to trade with my neighbors.

2. Consistent blogging!

3. Sow More Seeds! This is my currency. Interested in organic seedlings? I’ll sell you some. Better yet, if you have something you’re growing in your garden that I don’t let’s make a deal.

4. Going back to school. I’m 10 classes away from a second BA in Financial Accounting. I’m a number cruncher geek!

5. More time with my fur kids!

6. Volunteer. I like So Cal Harvest .

This list is incomplete; I’m sure I’ll be adding to it. Who caught the Dead Boys on the TV show Nubm3rs? The TV was parked on whatever channel the show comes on and I suddenly heard angels. If you missed the song here’s a vid.


sara said...

the world needs more punk accountants. financially manage rock and roll empires, trust me they need it!

RJ said...

People often say that times like these are valuable to society because it gives its citizens an opportunity to more directly engage with their passions. It sounds like you're about to do just that. You're blog is fantastic. Who knows where an increased focus on organic gardening and you're ability to share the experience will take you. I wish you all the best.

Shayna said...

So sorry to hear the news. You have a great attitude about it though and I'm sure you'll find plently of stuff to keep you busy (that you will enjoy doing!) More time in the garden and on the blog. Cheers to a new beginning!

Grace said...

I love following your blog and love your positive outlook even more. I work in the ad industry and it is in COMPLETE tatters. There are probably a thousand or more people in just LA alone looking for ad work! But yay for more time to do what you love. I look forward to seeing what you grow and will probably be bugging you with questions as I am a first time gardener this season.


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry - I'm just about to (probably) find myself in a similar situation. I'm a teacher in WA state, my district is in a financial mess...and unfortunately teachers are quickest to take the hit. Gardening is therapy to to the inflated amount of stress I'm in...I'm sure it is for you as well. I've found myself thinking in much more innovative ways now that I'm faced with what I never thought would happen to me. Just know that you are not alone, there are faces behind each of those statistics...this too shall pass.

Fern @ Life on the Balcony said...

Adriana--I bet you a million bucks this turns out to be a major blessing in disguise. I'm a total fatalist, I think we're always where we're supposed to be. And I don't say that as one of those super obnoxious folks that have had everything just fall perfectly into place from the day I was born. If you need any help with your new projects, let me know.

christina said...

adriana, i'm sorry to hear the news.

however, you so have the right attitude. one door closes, another opens. i'm sure it will be a blessing in disguise. fern is right, you are exactly where you need to be.

that said, i'm excited for you! so much potential and exciting things to do. i'm looking forward to reading all about it!

Melisser said...

Hell yeah! I saw the Vibrators at CBGB's right before it closed!

centraldad said...

ain't no loser!

Petrea said...

Could the Sunset Mag kudos be a shot in the arm? That's how I found you. I bet a lot of people did. Have your blog numbers gone up? Could be this is good timing. I like your husband's attitude.

Teresa O'Connor said...

Best of luck to you. Often these things really do happen for the right reasons... No doubt something better is awaiting.

Meanwhile, I've enjoyed reading your blog over the last few months.

Anonymous said...

Adriana, I'm sorry to hear about your job but maybe it is a blessing in disguise. It seems like you should be doing horticulture or something like that for a LIVING - not just for fun. ~Rachel

The Burkles said...

Wanna trade colorado springs local honey for the hidden tip of soil blocking? You are amazing, I love your blog.

Shnarfer said...

I so feel your pain. Still unemployed going on five months, but getting by. Great stuff comes with the bad, more time, refocusing on career direction etc.

So many things you could do, you're smart, funny well spoken, knowledgeable. Hold Victory Garden sessions in your back yard, or Webinars. Scratch 'garden plan' and put in more raised beds, increase veggie production and sell at farmer's market. Get bees. Go to more punk shows. Check out Seems cool, maybe you could start something like that down south?

Joan said...

All I can say is that I had no nibbles on the job market and left a law office after one week on the job because it wasn't a good fit. But later something much better came along. Hang in there. I think you'll do just fine. And now you're out of the OC! But unfortunately before I could foist cupcakes on you. Sad, so sad.

Judita said...

Trying times like these are the good kick in the pants we need to get us motivated enough to do what we really love and want to do!