Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sunset Magazine-Fresh Dirt Blog Feature

Sunset Magazine featured us and our edible garden on their blog, Fresh Dirt, today. "Wrinkles” got in on the action as well.

Full Story:

One thing I'm thankful for -- a new generation of passionate gardeners

By Sharon Cohoon, Sunset senior garden writer

Adriana Martinez has restored my faith. For a number of years I was wondering if garden journalists were going to become an endangered species. Nurseries kept telling me that young homeowners were just not interested in digging, weeding, deadheading, pruning, dreaming up new plant combinations, re-arranging plants like furniture, and all the other tweaking that goes into creating an ornamental garden that previous generations of gardeners thought was fun. All they wanted was a landscape that looked respectable. Something they could just put in and forget about. The equivalent of plastic plants. What would there be to write about?

But now the same people who didn't think ornamentals were worth ruining your manicure for have discovered edibles. They're building raised beds, buying compost by the truck load, nurturing their own seedlings, researching organic pest control methods on the internet, and finding the whole process of harvesting things straight from their own garden enthralling.

Adriana, shown below with 'Green Zebra' tomatoes towering over her in her garden in Long Beach, California, is one of those new gardeners.

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Mike Czech said...

saw ya on there!! now got you in the ol RSS feeder. keep on growin and posting!! I'm just down the 5 in San Diego trying to do the same thing... I think my lil cabbage and broccoli just got drowned by this rain... arrrrggghhh

Katie said...

I am always so happy to find other youngun's like me interested in gardening.

Awesome raised beds!

Congrats on the Sunset exposure.

Heavy Petal said...

Great article on Fresh Dirt - glad I found you!

Fern @ Life on the Balcony said...

Hey Adriana! Congrats on getting featured on Sunset's blog! I garden in LB too, supposedly my neighborhood is called Bluff Heights. Are we neighbors?