Monday, November 24, 2008

Wrinkles and His Harvest

Well, he mostly watched the vegetables as I toiled in the garden. I came up short on my goal of sowing Onion-Yellow Granex this weekend. These onions must be transplanted six weeks before the average first fall frost. We eat a lot of onions so I'll attempt again this Wednesday.

I harvested a little of everything yesterday. Mostly I was trying to make room for more seedlings that needed transplanting. Left to right, Mustard Greens-Southern Giant Curled, Bok Choy, a bearss lime, Beets-Detroit Dark Red, Onion (thinnings)-Bianca Di Maggio & Rossa Lunga di Firenze, dill & cilantro.

What do I do with two sugar snap peas?!


JennShaggy said...

I just noticed your Twinkie post...A+! And thanks for the props :)
I got a new camera, so my photos have definitely kicked it up a notch. I can't stop taking pictures, though. My computer library is jammed with photos of food. My friend came over the other day to use my computer, and when she saw my iPhoto open, she looked at my like I had serious issues.

Botanical Interests said...

Your harvest looks delicious, almost makes it seem like being vegan isn't so bad;)