Tuesday, March 31, 2009

And... We're Back!

I took a brief break from gardening this weekend which basically means I did not mass produce soil blocks and instead transplanted a few, or like 10, seedlings, yanked out the broccoli raab, harvested Lettuce, Container "Garden Babies" and transplanted chives and more lettuce. I also counted 41 tomato seedlings before Rocky murdered 6 of them. *Shaking fist*

Check out these beauties. At first I thought they were marigolds, shows you how much I know about flowers, then I remembered these were the Bouquet Cosmos "Double Click" from Renee’s Garden Seeds I sowed on December 15, 2008. They’re anchoring the corners of one of my raised beds and they’re stealing the show from the zucchini’s. This is just the beginning too. There are tons of buds waiting to reveal their pretty little faces.

Speaking of zucchini's, they're rolling in! Ever since taking Judita’s raw vegan culinary class all I can think of is the dreamy angel hair pasta and pesto she taught us to make. I hope to share this recipe with the “I’m Vegan” crew on April 11th when they’re here filming my contribution to their documentary.

I have about 10 different squash planted. This is Golden Dawn Zucchini from the Squash, Zucchini, "Tricolor Mix" seed packet and also from Renee’s Garden Seeds. I counted 6 zuccs on this plant alone. Did I mention I have 9 others? Looks like I’ll be cranking the spiral slicer all summer long!

*I apologize for all the linkage. Vegetables make me happy.


Randy Emmitt said...


Sorry about your tomato plants, we have ours in the guest room away from the dogs and cats. Are you planting pattypan squash? We got them at the farmers market last year planting them this year.

chuck b. said...

I planted some 'Double Click' too, and also 'Psyche Mix'. Not even close to flowering yet. Apparently the double-flowering Cosmos last forever in a vase.

Fern @ Life on the Balcony said...

Oooh, the double cosmos are so pretty! They are bee magnets, so I'm sure your vegetables will appreciate their presence.

Emily said...

I'm a new reader and fellow CA garden girl.

I seeded cosmos today--and grew them into the fall last year-but I have never seen the double kind. Very cool, I want to try those.

It's awesome your squash are already producing!

kelli said...

Those are good looking zucchini for April! Just goes to show ya...you can do anything in So Cal.