Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Shade Garden Revisited

What a difference a month makes. The first picture was taken on January 26. The second picture was taken on February 27.

, not the exact angle but do compare the wimpy seedlings in the first picture to the robust seedlings in the second picture.

Cauliflower-Purple of Sicily is flourishing. To the right of the cauliflower is Broccoli Raab Rapini. This is my second (or third) stint at growing both crops and planting them in the shade has made growing both a lot easier. My first attempts were planted in raised beds in full sun. Clearly they are thriving in indirect sunlight.

This area of the garden doesn't get watered often; rather I forget to water it. My guess, it’s watered once a week and it’s plenty. I’m very encouraged by these results. When I finally expand the vegetable garden a majority will be in indirect sunlight but with results like these it looks like I’ll be made in the shade.

PS, I am aware of my dork move; planting a bougainvillea in the shade. It’s one of those things I did in the first week of moving into our new old home, over a year ago. It’s grown just a tad, leaves no flowers. I’m transplanting it this weekend. Again.


Erick Lux said...

Hey Adriana congrats on being mentioned in Sunset! I think that was the first time they ever used the word 'punk'

Shnarfer said...

Hi Adriana,

You are truly an inspiration! Saw your snippet in Sunset, ran out and started my first veggie garden and first blog! Just a small self-watering thing, in germination phase.


kelli said...

There is lots of veg that will do great in the shade, particularly in the hot, hot LB summers. I have had great luck with celery and broccoli well in to June with the shady conditions! Good job with every nook and cranny!!

Fern @ Life on the Balcony said...

The bouganvilla might not be pouting because of its shady digs (although it will definitely like the sunny spot you have un mind better). They are notorious for shutting down after being transplanted. They don't like their roots disturbed, and can stay in shock for a year or 18 months!!!

Adriana said...

Fern, I think I killed the bouganvilla =|