Monday, March 9, 2009

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

I know it’s hard to believe that Victory Home & Garden exists and grows in only two 4’ by 8’ raised beds. This is where the legend of the seven foot tomato plants live and where a bonanza of vegetables are harvested from a limited space.

Fellow gardeners, I give you my backyard. In search of any appeal I sought out a couple of landscaping quotes including an eye-popping offer from my dream landscape designers. After I regained consciousness I turned to landscaping books. Besides how punk would it be if I had a picture perfect garden installed?

My DIY spirit has gotten me nowhere fast. The backyard is still occupied by dirt and the Victory Home & Garden expansion is stagnant. I not only would love to expand the vegetable garden but I need too. I sow for the masses and I’m quickly outgrowing my current 64 square foot growing space.

So what’s the holdup you say? Well, we still need to outsource some basics like grading and DG installation. I don’t mind digging a ditch or two but not a whole backyard.

I also have to rethink my planting scheme. Rocky likes to roll around in grass and like a good mum I must provide it for him. I refuse to purchase a lawn mower so Blue Grama Grass it’ll be.

So now what’s the hold up? Friends the economy is a son of a b*tch. I guess I’m not helping by waiting on the sidelines. However I do see the light. My goal is to have the front and backyard completed by May. There is a party to be had then so stay tuned.


christina said...

we did our DG ourselves (with some "muscle" help), but it's fairly just buy the DG, have it delivered, put down one inch at a time, roll it with one of those water rollers you can rent from home depot, up to about 3 or 4 took about a day, and our space for the DG was about 20' x 30' maybe...

the dogs LOVE it...

good luck!!

Gramps said...

You have a lovely lawn.

My lawn is slightly smaller than your back yard space, and I bought a reel mower. I love it, and no carbon emissions!

Although, as you know, lawn=water.

JennShaggy said...

Damn! I was just there on Friday and I didn't even think to look. Perhaps I'll have to send my little sis on a MimicCreme Mission :)

Becky Karush said...

Hi--I really enjoy your blog!! I'm wondering if you've come across the Kitchen Gardeners International site? ( They have a great community and a lot of resources. Best of luck with the expansion!


Joan said...

I kinda like a small garden. I used to have a huge coop garden plot and ended up growing so many tomatoes, my family can no longer stand tomatoes, especially cherry tomatoes. They only deign to eat the best tasting varieties. My dad says Brandywine is his favorite. Sigh.